OnCue Feat. Skizzy Mars – “Live Forever”

04.05.13 5 years ago

These days, making music that can “Live Forever” is an extremely tough task. With so many fish in the sea, getting an edge and even earning a little noise is nearly impossible – let alone making a tune that can stand the test of time. Yet, for the latest single from OnCue, this alternative NY MC and Skizzy Mars do their damnedest to beat the odds.

Maneuvering over a booming symphony of organized chaos from producer Mike Kuz, these two unstoppable up & comers use this eternal theme to get some weight off their shoulders, via a variety of vocal weaponry to relay their relief.

Now, whether Aliens with gold grills will turn this amped jam up from Earth’s ashes in 1000 years or not, that’s still up for grabs. Either way, this is the type of music we like best from Cuey. Hungry hip-hop, at it’s finest.

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