One Family’s Year Of NFL Tirades

04.05.13 5 years ago 21 Comments

A Reddit user took the trouble to film his friend, an Eagles fan, his friend’s brother, a Seahawks fan, and their father, a Cowboys fan, watching games at home for the entire NFL season. Leaving aside the immediate question of how a Cowboys fan raised an Eagles fan, I will praise the camera guy’s commitment to embarrassing those close to him. I would have lost interest in the project after one Sunday. But now that’s he’s posted it online, his diligence is our reward, as he’s distilled the footage to the best and most screamy moments from the 2012 season. Altogether, it’s a scattered melange of rage, desperation and mostly profanity. At times, it’s downright beautiful. Especially when the old man is cussing. Old people being upset is great, especially when they’re Cowboys fans.

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