One Man Is Selling A Complete Collection Of Nintendo And Sega Games On Ebay

Senior Pop Culture Editor

In the classic Simpsons episode, “Lisa’s Rival,” Principal Skinner is extremely excited while hosting Diorama-Rama, his second favorite school event after Hearing-Test Thursday, when he sees that Ralph Wiggum’s entry is “pre-packaged Star Wars characters, still in their display box.” They’re all there! Luke! Obi-Wan! Even Chewie! That’s how I felt when I came across one man’s collection of every game “ever released on Nintendo home systems, from Famicom to Gamecube…Sega systems…[and] NEC systems,” via Nerdcore. And it’s all for sale on Ebay, for the low, low price of EUR 999.999,99. Plus, 1.000,00 in shipping.
That’s nearly 7,000 titles, including all 19 games that were released for the ill-fated Virtual Boy system. See everything included here, as well as photos of the collection after the jump.

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