Only Delhomme Lived Up to His End of the Turnover Bargain

09.29.09 8 years ago 27 Comments

And that’s too bad, because it would have been tremendous to watch Jerry see the first two games in his Colossatorium blow up in his leathery face. Not that Romo didn’t give the Panthers a host of chances at interceptions with a raft of ill-advised throws. So we were limited to one agonized Wade Phillips hunch down of defeat.

Remember, it is only still late September. There is plenty of tantalizing Cowboys failure to come. There’s not going to be a Delhomme to deposit the ball in Terrance Newman’s chest at critical moments every week.

As for Carolina, Tar Heels season isn’t that far in the offing.

[Thanks again to reader Rafael for the .giffage]

Without a doubt, that’s the most obvious sign ever handed out by ESPN producer. HOORAY TEAM-NEUTRAL PLACARD IN SUPPORT OF THE BROADCAST THAT I’M BEING PRESENTLY FEATURED ON!

And what’s this? On the same night that promotional pendants were distributed at the gates by desperate Ford execs who have paired up with the old Double J to instill confidence in the brand? What’re the odds?

“Don’t take my Ford logo. That’s the only way you know it’s a Ford!”

Not that Jerrah was getting identified correctly anyway. HEAD TRAININ’? NOT WHEN I GOT CAGE DANCERS TO DOUBLE TEAM IN THE PRIVATE JET!

UPDATE: Here are some reader submitted shots from the game. Hooray for crowdsourced pictures people take of their TV!

No Delhomme implosion is complete until its topped off with a trademark Cajun Flail of Exasperation.

Also, apparently Julius Peppers goes from glower to full-on golf course clownmouth almost instantaneously. Observe.

Don’t think they don’t measure that reaction time at the combine.

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