Ooh! Ooh! Shockey-Toomer Twitter Fight

03.15.12 6 years ago 22 Comments

Even though the Giants signed Marty B yesterday, the team is still in the market for another tight end, since both Jake Ballard and Travis Beckum tore their ACLs during the Super Bowl. What started out as little more than dumb speculation from the New York Daily News about Jeremy Shockey wanting to return to the Giants erupted into a delightfully catty Twitter fight between former Giants teammates Shockey and Amani Toomer.

Toomer initiated the drama by complaining about how Shockey burned every bridge imaginable on his out of New York, which is true but probably unnecessary. It wasn’t long before people directed Shockey to Toomer’s comments. Never one to take the high road (unless it’s littered with passed out skanks), Shockey first bitched that it was Toomer’s laziness that resulted in Shockey breaking his leg during the ’07 Super Bowl season. As you can see, it got better from there.

Once you get to dishing on someone peeing on another person’s clothes, you have to draw it back a little. The two proceeded to issue denials. Shockey denied that he ever said he wanted to come back to the Giants. Toomer claimed Shockey is lying about the peeing-on-my-ex’s-clothes thing.

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