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08.20.12 5 years ago 26 Comments

Since Michael Vick might be done for the remainder of the preseason, if not longer, whenever he comes back, we’ll have to set the over/under on how long he’ll survive at six snaps. In both preseason games, Ookie has lasted exactly six before having to depart due to injury. Against the Steelers, he banged the thumb on his throwing hand against a helmet. This evening in Foxboro, Vick left with an apparent rib injury after being driven to the ground by Jermaine Cunningham after exposing himself on an off-balance throw.

Twitter wags are already calling for Tarvaris Jackson to Philly when they aren’t making dynasty/dream team jokes. We’ll do the responsible thing and hold off at least until the results of the X-rays are in before engaging in cheap shots.

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