Open thread: Seahawks, Bears battle for right to get curbstomped by Packers

01.16.11 7 years ago 593 Comments

Point: Bears head into this game a ten point favorite at home.
Counterpoint: Seattle won in Chicago 23-20 in week six.

Point: Matt Hasselbeck has never won a road playoff game,
Counterpoint: Jay Cutler has never won (or played) a playoff game

Point: Cutler has earned his reputation for ill-timed interceptions

Counterpoint: “Ow! My lumbago!”

Point: The Bears have one the league’s strongest fan bases who will do there utmost to confuse Seahawks players.

Counterpoint: According to scalpers, tickets are going for regular-season prices and this game is second-fiddle to the Bulls-Heat.

Point: Bears fans have adopted a completely original method to express their esprit de corps

Counterpoint: The bright orange color will make it easier for Public Works employees to clean up Lake Shore Drive after the Bears crash and burn.



Point: Seahawks fans have a passionate, yet eccentric, fanbase

Counterpoint: the Hasselbeck haircut borders on child abuse

Enjoy the game. We’ll have a live-blog for the Jets-Patriots game later today.

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