Skip Netflix. Here’s Season 1 Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ In 7 Minutes

05.29.14 3 years ago 12 Comments

Words by Alec Bojalad

It’s telling that while you can find videos that recap the whole series of Breaking Bad in nine minutes and Lost in just three minutes, the complex shenanigans of just one season of Orange is the New Black takes a full seven minutes. That’s like The Godfather in YouTube time.

Still The Fine Bros., the chaps behind the popular Kids React series, do an admirable job of covering all the craziness of OITNB season one in that timeframe…and thankfully there aren’t any children around to hear about prison chapel hook-ups. And it comes just in time before season two premieres on June 6 (watch the trailer here).

Amid sheer plot recap are some interesting observations. Oh, everyone DOES just go by their last names in prison. And yeah, there ARE a ton of flashbacks. Plus there are plenty of characters you may have entirely forgot about.*

Even with the inflated seven minute timeframe, however, there are just some things destined to be unfairly left out. The Chickening, 7/11/13. Never forget.

* — R.I.P. Miller. May there be plenty of hard drugs in heaven.

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