Outasight – “Dizzy”

06.18.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

While this promises to be a blockbuster summer of music, let’s not forget that Outasight dropped a stellar project at the very beginning of 2010. We have a while to go, but Further is sure to end up as one of my top five projects of the year. And just as I’m getting “Everyone Gets Laid” out of my head, Sight starts dropping more gems.

“Dizzy” is that fun Outasight music that makes me want to grab a bottle of expensive alcohol and do the Dame Dash. While wearing an ascot. I swear, the man makes songs that are perfect soundtracks to chicanery and tomfoolery with copious amounts of adult beverages. Look for the new project, Never Say Never, dropping on July 2nd.

Now that that’s out of the way, I’d like to take a moment to air out a grievance.

I am getting my freelance game up, so I’ve approached a couple of mags about story ideas. Some take and others get rejected. It’s the nature of the business. I’m fine with it. However, I approached a certain magazine in February about spotlighting Outasight. I was told that he wasn’t ready to be spotlighted, but if he was, they’d let me know. Well, while hitting up my local bookstore last week, I picked up said magazine and saw that the current issue had the article placed in the exact department I pitched it. Now, I know how editorial calendars work. And there was a mighty quick turnaround. One would even think that said magazine turned right around and rolled with the story immediately after getting my pitch. Of course, I wouldn’t know because this magazine hasn’t responded to any of my emails since then.

Oh well. At least Outasight is getting the spotlight he deserves, no matter who writes or gets credited with the idea. And congrats to the magazine for coming to its senses and featuring him.

…Now maybe you won’t have so much trouble to sell.

Back to your regularly scheduled awesome music.

Outasight – “Dizzy”| Download

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