Outkast’s “The Clock”

03.12.09 9 years ago 22 Comments

It’s no secret: Idlewild was nobody’s favorite Outkast album, nor was the movie akin to some ingenious cinematic masterpiece that would have the AFI gushing through the next three millenniums. But alas, when dealing with the Aquarius and Gemini, there’s always a couple jewels to gain from the experience.

Fans may argue what tracks were keepers and what scenes were grounds for deletion, but the overall nostalgic value of the projects modestly rounded the rough edges. Feelings of bluesy hymns, late night drinking sessions from a depleted flask, and saddle shoe soul dominate the ambiance surrounding the joint releases, consequently giving the music a distinction to everything else in their discography.

Much like this unreleased track from the movie which failed to find its way onto the soundtrack album. Featuring Robin Thicke’s wifey, Paula Patton, it’s lava lamp groove fits the mold of the Idlewild era and represents 3 Stacks as we last heard him.

Outkast Feat. Paula Patton – The Clock

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Stray Shots

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