OXYxMORON – “The Woods” Video

11.13.13 4 years ago

OXYxMORON’s “The Woods” video, directed by Anthony Supreme, speaks to my Southern sensibilities and rural upbringing. The South Carolina scenery, the song’s lyrical content and most of all the attitudes they seem to portray in both the song and video takes me back to growing up living a small town in Tennessee. How closely? My first vehicle was a ’83 Chevy S-10 – already almost a decade old at that point – which I adorned with a gaggle of tree air fresheners and slapped a Stussy sticker on the back window, which may have been slightly against the grain for a Black kid in the early ’90s. But I skateboarded and rode freestyle bikes as much as I played basketball and football.

By experiencing life on the outside looking in, the vantage point creates a unique perspective in that you can always be a part of a movement, a culture, etc. but always have the ability to extract yourself from it and live without the boundaries and expectations that come with membership. To create without limits.

The end results are product not that much unlike OXYxMORON and “The Woods.”

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