P. Diddy, Please Leave Twitter Alone…

03.16.09 9 years ago 33 Comments

Thank you Diddy, for protecting me from myself.

Last week, I forced myself to read the article “Is Diddy’s Twitter Making Kanye’s Blog Irrelevant?”, only to be hit this morning with another article, “P Twitty? Diddy Harnesses Twitter to ‘Take the Power Back’,” marking the brilliance of Diddy climbing aboard the Twitter-train. I find both articles borderline ludicrous.

First off, make no mistake, I doubt many actually believed that was Kanye updating his blog in the first place. Also, Kanye’s ghostwriter does posts about furniture & art that don’t exactly jibe with the interests or lifestyles of most. Relevancy was slim, therefore Kanye’s online popularity as a blogger seems to have fizzled. Chalk it up to carving a niche only populated by a minority, one that most likely has enough money to create their own trends offline without Kanye’s guidance.

Diddy is only doing what’s always made Diddy famous: Taking something already powerful & embraced (rap anyone?) by people & attaching himself to it in order to maintain relevancy (See: throwing himself into the Chrihanna mix). As far as his workings with the web goes, he’s generally behind the curve as was the case with his Youtube channel. You have to give general media & entertainers full credit for not lagging so far behind regarding Twitter, as they did with blogs, MySpace & Facebook. Behind, but leading the pack considering that Sean has more than 135,743 followers. Again though, relevancy comes into play. Considering the blurbs I’ve read & received, do I really want to read about Diddy Twittering tantric sex? About taking a bubble bath? I won’t delve too far off track but, by the looks of things, I think Diddy’s fishing for…enh, I’ll stop.

As overwhelmingly entertaining as it may be, I’ve managed to avoid the Twitter bug. Twitter is the even-faster-moving equivalent of those who used to really update their MySpace mood status in between searching for new layouts. And I won’t delve deAt this point, I have enough online time-consuming activities. With this thing of ours, eBay & RSS feeds, I have no other time online & god forbid I added Twitter to the BB. Adding something else to that mix, especially in the vein of Twitter, which seems to be so driven by the moment, would only be a recipe for disaster.

But we do have a site feed for Twitter…I mean, if you’re into that kind of thing & want to follow us.

Hey, we were there before Diddy & the media called it “cool.” While I may be slightly opposed to fooling with it, I know the good value in things when I see it.

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