Pac Div – “Posted” Video

11.03.11 6 years ago 8 Comments

Pac Div’s The Div hits iTunes next Tuesday. Before then, however, the trio needs some time to themselves but can’t seem to get it thanks to overprotective/semi-psychotic girlfriends not understanding the meaning of “space.” The “Posted” video is the exact reason settling down is a sensitive topic. It’s not that I wouldn’t mind doing so. You just don’t know who you’re investing time in, regardless of the front they put on when you initially meet and spend time with them. If my sports predictions are any indication, and I love sports, then I may settle down with a woman, and I love women, who could try to pull a Lorena Bobbit all because she saw the name Sophia in my text messages. And Sophia is my homie.

Back to the issue at hand though. Support the young brothers chasing a dream because we’ve seen them blossom and take strides these past few years from being merely an “Internet group” to a collection of dudes on the cusp of actually making a name for themselves outside of blogs. And if that isn’t enough, because they gave us this cover. Yep, I figured that would do the trick.

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