Packers fans explain the housing bubble collapse to us all

02.01.11 7 years ago 33 Comments

A Steelers-Packers Super Bowl is worse than dying a thousand painful, lingering deaths. However, there’s solace to be found in the fact that both teams have redneck fan-bases who love nothing better than making fools of themselves on YouTube for our enjoyment. This Packers video starts out as a Star Wars tribute, but then takes a decidedly unexpected left turn. Let’s examine its finer points in detail.

0:09 – I’m pretty sure the Star Wars intros had more than one word of text per line. FIX YO TYPOGRAPY!

0:16 – Still with this stuff? Feel free to FF a bit.

0:59 – I disagree. Aaron Rodgers is a “Han”, not a “Luke”. Would Luke photobomb every Jedi Academy class photo? No, but Han would.

1:05 – “His teammates couldn’t quite put a finger on it, but suddenly Ben was much more lovable than before.”

1:15 – Is “The Catepillar of Truth” related to the “Crickitt of Proper Spelling”

1:20 – Okay, that’s kinda bad ass.

1:24 – Desmond Bishop is insulted that his effort this season did not warrant a poster-board jersey taped to a backhoe.

1:38 – Xmas Ape just called his realtor.

2:02 – There’s no way this was actually shot in Green Bay—the meth lab would have instantly exploded from the force of the backhoe’s impact.

2:08 – So, did they just forget about the whole Star Wars thing? These directorial decisions are starting to remind me of Lethal Weapon 5.

2:34 – Given high hourly rentals, not to mention the cost of diesel, the operator of this backhoe is rather inefficient. He could stand to take a few pointers from Israeli demolition experts. Man, those guys go through cheap Palestinian drywall like crap through a goose.

2:39 – Not to nitpick, but I gotta say– the balloons detract from an otherwise macho vibe.

2:47 – Greenbay?

Why even mess with the Star Wars motif when you’ve got this great industrial mayhem to share? This is merely the latest in a line of sorry Lucas imitations. Not as bad as “Phantom Menace”, but close.

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