Packers Get Trounced, Don’t Bother to Throw On Richard Sherman

09.04.14 3 years ago 39 Comments



The Packers were able to keep pace with the Seahawks for most of the first half. But once they stopped getting gift turnovers, the Earl Thomas fumbled punt, they couldn’t find a way to put a lot of points on the board the rest of the way.

The defensive holding calls weren’t as conspicuous as the preseason made us fear they would be. There were flags on the secondary on both sides, but they neither felt unearned nor excessive. Other than getting a game that stayed close all the way through, no outstanding complaints with this opener.

For all the talk of Marshawn Lynch passing away from the ranks of stud running backs this season, that wasn’t in evidence tonight. He complied 110 yards and two touchdowns. Those numbers were certainly were bolstered by the fact that the Packers freaked out and overcommitted anytime the Seahawks faked like they were going to hand the ball to Percy Harvin.

Oh, and the Packers never threw on Richard Sherman tonight. Perhaps a sign of respect or a way to ensure that he has nothing to rant about.



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