Packers Rookie Sees Wildlife, Has Mind Blown

07.03.13 4 years ago 30 Comments


Packers rookie running back Johnathan Franklin grew up in Los Angeles and went to college at UCLA, so his familiarity with the great, expansive hinterlands of non-urban America is somewhat limited. How limited? Well, see for yourself:

“Oh my gosh, from Los Angles to Green Bay, Wisconsin,” Franklin exclaimed in front of his locker after the Packers’ final minicamp practice. “Boy, I tell ya. It’s like night and day.”

Franklin has never gone fishing or hunting in his life, and he encountered his first trophy mount in the team’s equipment room.

“I saw a moose head in a room the other day and I went crazy. I ain’t seen none of this,” Franklin explained while shaking his head. “I said, ‘Is that real? Did you really kill a moose?’ It’s so different here. I saw a porcupine the other day, I mean it’s crazy.”

“And the white people. Holy sh*t! So many! I mean, we have them in L.A., but not like this! They’re everywhere! And huge! Italian people are considered ethnic here! Italian! That’s just another type of white person!”

Good thing Franklin didn’t land in the CFL. Last I checked, a moose was still the commissioner of that league.

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