Packers-Seahawks Season Opener Live Blog

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Beastmode Ate My Baby

We did it! We did it! We did it! And by that, I mean we did nothing but live long enough to watch football again. That’s okay, I’m all for celebrating small triumphs as long as it leads to me getting drunk and the NFL being on.

Not sure if you’ve heard, but these teams had a rather infamous regular season meeting back in 2012. Scab refs scabbed it up and a TOUCHDOWN SEAHAWKS made everyone, especially the Packers, upset. Of course, that’s nothing more than what will surely be a much-cited footnote for tonight’s game. Golden Tate, the receiver who ended up scoring the controversial winning touchdown in that game, left in free agency this off-season.

This time, the concern is how the officiating point of emphasis on defensive holding will carry over from the preseason, even though the Seahawks starting secondary, seemingly the team designed to be most affected by the change, was rarely flagged during the deluge of preseason penalties league-wide. If that defensive holding emphasis does come into play, it would seem to benefit Green Bay, a team that could use an edge going into one of the NFL’s toughest road venues against a squad that most believe is still the best in the NFL. Though NFL Media seems reluctant to predict the Seahawks as repeat champs because REPEATING IS JUST SO DANG HARD.

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