Packers-Texans Live Blog, First Half

10.14.12 5 years ago 505 Comments


The second Houston prime time game in the span of a week? Next thing, you’ll tell me someone cares about the Texans. We like to kid around with that. We actually have a few dedicated Texans fans among the kommentariat. A bit of a shame that their first prime time game comes against a nationally popular teams like the Packers, meaning crowd shots will be more populated with road fans than there usually would be in Reliant Stadium.

Last week, the Texans had a harder than expected time dispatching the Jets, while Chuck Pagano’s cancer got the better of the Packers. At least that was the cloying way that Peter King explained the Colts upset. In the week since, analysts are weighing the problems of Green Bay. It’s really quite simple. Aaron Rodgers plays anything less than incredible and the Packers’ cheesedick defense gets abused until people are asking why Green Bay isn’t dominant anymore.

J.J. Watts’ starmaking swat reel from Monday night is bound to be gushed over endlessly by Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth. Should he knock a pass down at the line tonight, expect no fewer than four replays at different angles. Hell, people might start getting tired of a player who casual fans were more or less introduced to a week ago. For the sake of balance, that Clay Matthews Fathead ad should see an appearance or twelve during the broadcast.

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