Packers-Vikings Live Blog, Second Half

10.27.13 4 years ago 649 Comments


Cordarrelle Patterson opened the game with a 109-yard kickoff return. Based on the yardage alone, you could tell it was a touchdown. I initially said that the Vikings would have to shut out the Packers the rest of the way to win, but they scored another 10 points, so joke’s on me. They could have allowed two whole touchdowns and still won.

Green Bay’s methodical opening drive consisted of four converted third downs encompassing 90 yards, culminating in a touchdown pass to Jordy Nelson that started Cris Collinsworth’s obsession with covering ear holes.

The teams traded field goals, which means Christian Ponder is worth three more points than Josh Freeman. For a minute, it seemed like Minnesota might just hang around for a while, then ear hole action resumed with Rodgers hitting Jordy Nelson over the middle. A broken tackle later and Nelson was off to the races for a 76-yard touchdown.

Micah Hyde took it to the house on a 93-yard punt return to put Green Bay up two scores. Also to make sure this game has more return yards than yards from scrimmage.

The Vikings closed out the half with – get this – a touchdown drive, but it was helped by a key defensive penalty plus Adrian Peterson showing up. Don’t worry, Ponder won’t be able to bridge the gap any closer on his own.

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