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A Brooklyn Man Is Using Craigslist To Find A Woman To Bathe In Ramen Noodles

By | 7 Comments

Looking to make a quick $175? All you have to do is sit in a bathtub full of Ramen noodles for 30 minutes.

Sounds Like Lindsay Lohan’s Sobriety Is Doing Great At Coachella

By | 11 Comments

Lindsay Lohan is at Coachella this week, so you can probably connect the dots, here.


6 Of The Weirdest Examples Of The Internet’s Obsession With Emma Watson

By | 7 Comments

If there's anything the internet loves more than Emma Watson, it's mashing Emma Watson up with other celebrities.

cold war tensions

A Russian Fighter Jet Repeatedly Buzzed Past The USS Donald Cook In The Black Sea

By | 34 Comments

Tensions are building in the Black Sea as a Russian fighter jet repeatedly buzzed past a US Warship.

police academy

A Pennsylvania Cop Has Been Dressing In Amish Drag To Investigate A Serial Flasher


If this isn't a movie titled "Police Academy: Going Buggy" within two years, we've all failed.

Star Wars

Who Wants to See Kristen Schaal Portray Darth Vader During A Helium Leak?


The always delightful Kristen Schall performed a sketch on the public radio show 'Wits' portraying Darth Vader during a "sector seven helium leak."


Do You Remember Rob Lowe’s Chris Traeger Moment In ‘Wayne’s World’?

By | 6 Comments

Being reminded that Rob Lowe goes full Chris Traeger in a Wayne's World scene is probably the most important thing that will happen today.

billy on the street

Billy Eichner Wore A Bunny Suit And Screamed About ‘Passion Of The Christ’ Because He’s An Adorable Lunatic

By | 2 Comments

Billy Eichner celebrated the tenth anniversary of 'The Passion of the Christ' by dressing as the Easter Bunny and screaming at people.


Meme Watch: Cats Make The Best Musical Instruments Thanks To #Catband

By | 3 Comments

People are using their cats as musical instruments then posting the confused little fluffballs on Instagram's #Catband for our amusement.

Chicken Pizza

Domino’s Finally Gives The World What It Desperately Needed: Pizza On Top Of Fried Chicken

By | 8 Comments

Domino's Pizza has unveiled their newest nationwide sensation: Pizza With Chicken For A Crust.


A Seattle Burger Restaurant’s New Ad Features Jesus Smoking A Joint

By | 12 Comments

The LunchBox Laboratory burger restaurant in Seattle has raised eyebrows with a 4/20 Easter ad that features Jesus smoking a joint.


Let’s Try To Guess Which A-List Celebrity Had A Viagra Ice Cream Party

By | 20 Comments

Ice cream wizard Charlie Harry Francis claims that he recently created a Viagra-laced champagne flavor for an A-list celebrity's party.


Watch This Drunk Guy Try So Hard To Get Through A Fence Until A Little Boy Shows Him How It’s Done

By | 4 Comments

This drunk man trying to get through a fence could be seen as a metaphor for so many problems facing the world today. It's also really fun to watch.

oh no

Someone Posted A Photo Of A Model Airplane Impaling A Vagina To The US Airways Twitter Account

By | 17 Comments

"We're sorry we posted a pic of that girl with a model airplane in her vagina on Twitter" is the new black.

boston marathon

This Boston Bombing Recovery And Wedding Story Might Make You Cry All The Tears


A couple that endured the horrific Boston Marathon Bombing lets the world know nothing will keep them apart.


Amazon Basically Called A Guy Out As A Drug Dealer For Purchasing A Small Scale

By | 7 Comments

A Reddit user purchased a small jewelry and kitchen scale so Amazon decided that he must be a drug dealer.

game of thrones

Here’s Your Obligatory Purple Wedding Vs. Red Wedding ‘Game Of Thrones’ GIF Wall

By | 4 Comments

Once again the day after a momentous television event a Tumblr GIF wizard has come to the rescue.

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