Nearly $100,000 Has Been Raised For The Gay Teen Who Filmed His Family Abusing Him

By | 51 Comments

Daniel Pierce filmed his family emotionally and physically abusing him because he's gay. He wants you to watch the footage.


This Is The Mugshot Of A Meth Addict Who Splashed His Face With Toilet Water

By | 3 Comments

Finally, a headline with the words "meth" and "toilet water" in it.


Here Is Bill Hader’s List Of 200 Movies Every Comedy Writer Should See

By | 29 Comments

If you begin Bill Hader's essential comedy list right now, you might be finished in time for Halloween.


Finding A Giant Spider In Your Coke Bottle Is Your New Worst Nightmare

By | 6 Comments

ATTN: there are now spiders in bottles of Coke. We're doomed.


This Pretty Lady Has An Ugly Suprise Hiding In Her Mouth

By | 23 Comments

This is probably the last video you'll watch on the internet.


Someone Really Needs To Adopt The World’s Saddest-Looking Cat

By | 7 Comments

Screw Grumpy Cat. We're all about Tucker the Sad Cat.


‘Batman The Ride’ Is The World’s First 4D Free Fly Roller Coaster. It Looks Terrifying.

By | 30 Comments

I moved to Texas 10 months ago, but I didn't have a good reason until BATMAN: THE RIDE.

paris hilton

DJ Paris Hilton Made Thousands While Doing The Ice Bucket Challenge In A Bikini

By | 3 Comments

Paris Hilton made more money pouring water over her head than you'll make this month.


Russian Dash Cam Captures Drunkest Woman In The World Face-Planting On A Car

By | 6 Comments

Pro-tip: If you're going to get drunk and faceplant into a car, make sure a dash cam isn't recording.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg’s White Guy Persona Named Todd Is Inexplicably Promoting ‘White Guys Connect’

By | 20 Comments

We don't know what his angle is, but Snoop Dogg has been dressing up like a white guy promoting something called 'white guys connect.'


Witness Edgar Wright’s Mastery Of The Closeup In This New Mini-Supercut

By | 9 Comments

Edgar Wright does awesome close-ups the way your mother does bikers, and we have proof.


Five Places That Are Definitely Up For Whatever

Promoted by Bud Light

There are some strange places out there, and these are just five of them up for whatever.


This Pennsylvania Church Billboard Proclaims That ‘God Loves Sex’

By | 4 Comments

A Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania church wants you to know: God knows you're f*cking and he's totes cool with it.

backyard wrestling

Here’s A Canadian Destroyer Off A Roof Through Four Tables, Because Backyard Wrestling Is The Worst

By | 49 Comments

Backyard wrestling is the worst. To illustrate, here's two guys doing a Canadian Destroyer through four tables from the roof of a shack.

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