Panthers-Eagles Live Blog, Second Half

11.26.12 5 years ago 638 Comments

For a quarter, it was shaping up to be every bit the Eagles misery fest that a prime time game in Philadelphia with Andy Reid on the chopping block deserved to be. The booing has been as rancorous as it has been overpowering. But that doesn’t mean it’s a blowout. That would require the Panthers to be a good team and they decidedly are not.

Both offenses posted scores with their opening drives. The Eagles moved the ball well to start the game, but ultimately settled for a field goal after Nick Foles teased the Panthers with a few early near interceptions. Carolina responded with a barely contested scoring drive of its own, except theirs ended with a pass to a someone named Gary Barnidge for his first career touchdown.

After more Philly booing, the Panthers got another crack at offense. Confronted with the entire middle of the field left open by the Eagles secondary, the Panthers were more than willing to accept the charity via a Brandon LeFell touchdown pass. At that point, it appeared like Carolina might run away with it, but to their credit, the Eagles fought back. Bryce Brown broke off a long TD run, though Andy Reid showed off his usual situational coaching prowess by going for two and failing. DeSean Jackson left with a sternum injury. The X-rays were negative but he won’t be returning, so there is simultaneously a reduced chance of relevant fantasy production and derps in the second half.

Philly added another field goal to take the lead with little over three minutes to go in the half. And there the score remained despite Andy Reid making sure to set the Panthers up with one last possession inside of a minute with all three timeouts by virtue of poor clock management.

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