Papa Cissé Scored The Goal Of His Life Against Chelsea

05.03.12 5 years ago 14 Comments

Points are a vital commodity in the EPL’s tight chase for Champion’s League contention. Add Newcastle to the equation with their 2-0 victory over the Blues. Papiss Cissé solidified the win for his side by notching a brace. Yet his stupefying, extra time goal from parts unknown did everything but go wide and left viewers in sheer disbelief. You’ll want to take a look even if you’re not fond of football across the pond. Remember there’s no CG going on after the clip starts.

Chelsea, despite heading to the Champion’s League final against Bayern Munich, could’ve used the points as insurance as they still sit out of the top 4. Look at the trajectory of the ball though. Can you really get mad at Petr Cech for getting fooled? The safe explanation says he got fortunate but I’m thinking Cissé might have Professor X-level powers up his sleeve here. Yup, I’m rocking my tin foil hat with a stack of David’s X-men comics on this one until ESPN’s Sports Science breaks it down. You’ll find Peter Crouch stomping the ground somewhere in the meantime because, with two games remaining across the board, Cisse’s effort is the latest major candidate for goal of the season.

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