03.01.10 8 years ago

Last year, Philips funded Adam Berg’s short film “Carousel” (second video below), featuring armored-van-robbing clowns in a standoff with police in a hospital.  I hate when that happens.  The short won the Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

Philips is hoping to recreate that magic, and this time has commissioned five filmmakers from Ridley Scott Associates to create a series of groundbreaking short films in a genre of their choice. All of the films feature the same unifying theme. [Ed.- If the first video below is any indication, that unifying theme is “Look at our TV.  Look at it.  Do it.”]  RSA directors submitted forty-five treatments and Philips selected five it believed were most ground-breaking. The films explore the most popular genres of filmmaking including drama, action, animation, sci-fi and thriller, and were shot on location in Uruguay, London, Moscow, China and South Africa. [/film]

Slashfilm provides a synopsis for each short film.  The two that interest me the most are “Darkroom” and “The Gift”.  The first is a noir sci-fi thriller directed by Johnny Hardstaff [Seriously?], who also directed Radiohead’s creepy “Like Spinning Plates” music video.  “The Gift”, directed by Erik Rinsch, is about a robot slave who flees the police.  I can totally identify, because my robot slaves are always getting loose and engaging in shenanigans.  Last time they attacked a pop machine, but it was kind of asking for it, all lit up and full of coke like that.

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