Patriots Fans Even Annoying in London

09.30.13 4 years ago 19 Comments


Yesterday, the NFL held the first of two 2013 games in London, a surprisingly interesting affair between the Vikings and Steelers that was so good, Ben Roethlisberger couldn’t put on his socks afterwards. But that’s not the only interesting factoid from yesterday’s international affair, oh no. The Wall Street Journal actually had some guys outside the main gate counting team jerseys as fans walked into the stadium and the winner – not counting either the Vikings or Steelers – was, kind of ironically, the New England Patriots.

Yes, a team whose nickname and logo derives from the home-grown, 18th Century freedom fighters who helped the colonies shake off the shackles of British rules was a popular choice in London yesterday. According to the Journal’s not-very-scientific survey, the Patriots boasted 13.4 percent of non-Vikings-or-Steelers jerseys with the Packers following at nine percent. Of course, the irony of Wembley being filled with dudes in Pats jerseys is undercut a bit by the fact that many in the crowd were actually U.S. ex-pats. It doesn’t make them any less annoying, though.

Now begins the guessing of how many Jags jerseys will be in the stadium for that team’s London game against the 49ers in October: let’s start at 1.5.

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