Patriots-Jets Live Blog, First Half

11.22.12 5 years ago 807 Comments

Now that everyone’s had a chance to gorge themselves, time to pass out as the Patriots put more distance between themselves and the rest of the AFC East. After all, Peter King called New England the best team in a league that has no best team, except when there is one.

I’m sure the NFL scheduled this game assuming Tebow would be starting by this point of the season, thus heaping huge ratings. They should do all right with a captive prime time holiday audience since regular new Thursday programming has been nixed by almost all channels. As for Tebow, this week he received balloons at the team headquarters to remind him he’s special, by gosh. The balloons were sent from an anonymous fan. Anonymous, huh? Clearly Teebs’ supporters have the same amount of guts as his detractors.

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