Patriots-Ravens Live Blog – Second Half

09.23.12 5 years ago 918 Comments

Torrey Smith scored a touchdown midway through the second quarter. While a flag was thrown, a bunch of people on Twitter applauded the refs for picking up the flag because to do otherwise would have been dickish, apparently. That’s right, anyone going through emotional strife is just awarded touchdowns since people feel bad for them. The Saints next week will field 53 cancer widows and as a result will win 900-6. Finally in the win column, you guys.

As for this game, the Patriots jumped out to a 13-0 lead, mostly because the Ravens did that thing where they forgot that Ray Rice is by far their best offensive player while letting Joe Flacco toss elite derps to the other team. Eventually Baltimore figured it out and grabbed the lead because the Patriots don’t like to try to tackle Dennis Pitta. TAWMMY BRADY rallied his scrappy troops with a two-minute drill after being quiet for most of the second quarter, so now the Greatriots lead 20-14 going into the half.

Al Michaels suggested there was such a thing as “overskirmishing” in the first half. That’s the most half-assed criticism of the scab refs that there could ever be. “Sure, there’s the usual fighting. That’s to be expected. But perhaps this exceeded that by a touch. Who’s to say, really?”

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