Patton Oswalt Is A 5-Second Films Wizard

Entertainment Editor

In July, Patton Oswalt and 5-SecondFilms graced us with two Patton Oswalt sketches, and we haven’t stopped crabwalkin’ since (and that’s not just because our horrible blogger diets and lack of sunlight have cursed us with the old timey affliction of rickets, AKA “the blogger’s crabwalk”). We were hoping more Oswalt sketches would come and now — what god did we please? — another Oswalt-starring clip called “The Final Battle” just premiered. Oh, such wizardry! What could this precious trinket be that we’ve been gifted on this glorious occasion?

In the Land of Fyffynthoth, most of the demonic winged creatures are actually just friendly dudes who are trying to get you anything you may want – lollies, more TV time, a scoop of ice cream. But Malazar the Wizard was having none of that bunk. [5-SecondFilms on Vimeo]

More of this. Less of everything else.


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