Marvel And Disney Lose Another Director

Entertainment Editor

Patty Jenkins — who directed the Oscar-winning film Monster and the pilot for Emmy winning TV series The Killing — was signed to direct the next Thor movie after scheduling conflicts prevented Kenneth Branaugh from returning (although he’s said he’d like to direct another film for Marvel). Now Jenkins has walked away from Thor 2, so we guess her and Jon Favreau, Branaugh, and Edward Norton can start their writing their own Marvel burn book.

Deadline reports she left the project due to “creative differences, but the feeling is that she’ll probably end up working on one of these superhero films, but perhaps not on a sequel.” Marvel is now searching for a new director for the film opening November 15, 2013 which was planned to start shooting in September. We hope to Odin they don’t hire Brett Ratner. Speaking of directors that would be a bad fit, there was this section in Deadline‘s comments section:

Yay, indie director humor. Hey, I heard Harmony Korine realized he was left out of the running joke, and then the camera lingered on his sad expression for sixty seconds too long while the camera slowly panned to the left.

[Thanks to Matt for the banner picture. Creamsicles got mad flavor.]

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