Guilt-Free Listening: Pell’s ‘Floating While Dreaming’ Album Stream

05.23.14 3 years ago 10 Comments


“Give me, 15 minutes and I’ll turn it into for-ever…”

It took me all week to get to this point, but I’m glad to have made it. Not just for the simple fact that it’s Friday. That’s not a factor at all honestly. My goal was to give Pell’s new project, Floating While Dreaming, a listen.

For some reason, Mississippi and Louisiana are beginning to bubble with talent. Tha Joker, Kolley and now Pell can add his name to the ranks of those rising from the region*. Pell’s split time between the two states having been raised in New Orleans’ 7th Ward but forced to relocate in Katrina’s wake and landing in Starkville, MS.

None of that serves as an indicator of what to expect as Pell’s sound isn’t bound by geography. He’s one of the many new hybrid artists able to sing as well as he can rap. And rap he does largely over atmospheric production that sets the stage. What starts with his Dollar General employee experience on “Dollar Store” continues through the bass-driven “Kreation” and caps off on the “Wait On Me.”

Falling… isn’t bloated, clocking in with succinct 12 songs. There aren’t a load of features to impede anyone from getting to Pell’s message either as he only calls on a few others – most notably, PJ Morton, Curtis Williams and Boldy James (on “SC2014”) – to help him deliver the message. Just Pell, doing the dirty work by his lonesome and doing it well.

“There’s a lot that I could say about Floating While Dreaming, but the most important thing I want people to know is that it comes from the heart,” Pell’s quoted as saying in the accompanying press release. “Music is my passion and it feels great for me to be able to share my insight on life and what it has given me so far. The album is for the people out there chasing their dreams and aspirations that remain unconquered. Keep believing, and keep dreaming.”

Floating’s free for now at but next week it will release formally via iTunes at a special $2.99 price point. That version will include a bonus track plus a digital booklet composed of short stories by Pell describing inspirations and thoughts behind each track.

* — Besides the obvious (K.R.I.T.) and guys who’ve been around for more than a year (Dee-1, Gates), there’s a least one or two more newer names that are slipping me at the time of this writing. So I’m leaving this footnote as an open-ended one. Charge it to my head and not my heart.

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