Pete Carroll and Seattle Seahawks Punished for Excessively Rough Minicamp

08.26.14 3 years ago 27 Comments



Looks like winning a Super Bowl doesn’t come with special dispensation for breaking the rules as the NFL dinged the Seattle Seahawks and head coach Pete Carroll for a collective $300,000 today for contact during spring practices. In addition to the monetary fine, the Seahawks will also lose two minicamp sessions in 2015. According to Fox Sports Mike Garafolo, it was a fight at minicamp this year that caught the NFLPA’s attention.

Fair enough, can’t get too heated if you’re not actually touching each other, unless Carroll & Company were encouraging defenders to play the “I’m not touching you… Noooo, I’m not touching you… Not touching you…” and holding their hands two millimeters away from a rusher’s arm. Millions of toddler-filled backseats across America have proved this is the quickest way to a fight and don’t make LORD ROG TURN THIS CAR AROUND AND NO ONE IS GOING TO WALLY WORLD NOW. Instead they were being jerks and encouraging the excessive contact.

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