Pete Holmes’ ‘Good Will Batman’ Is The Comedy Video That Gotham Deserves

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Good Will Batman

If you’re not familiar with comedian Pete Holmes’ hilarious Batman videos for College Humor, then you need to get in your own Batmobiles and drive your butts on over to YouTube to start watching them now. I recommend this one with Patton Oswalt as the Penguin, because it’s my favorite since it has Patton Oswalt and he’s the best at everything in the world forever and ever. Those of you who are familiar can continue with me to his latest video.

As people still haven’t stopped freaking out about the news that Ben Affleck will play Batman in the Man of Steel sequel, Holmes decided to merge his fantastic impression of Christian Bale as Batman into a trailer for Good Will Hunting, and the result is a video that reminds us why the Internet was invented by Al Gore’s cats in the first place.

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