Peter King: Lord Of Retrospect

06.27.13 4 years ago 39 Comments

There are too many hacky Peter King habits to list, but one of the more infuriating is his tendency to smugly present some factoid from the past and use it as evidence that a recent development was apparent all along, even if he said nothing about it until after it happened. In fact, oftentimes when he does this, he manages to contradict his past analysis. Such is the case with Aaron Hernandez. Yesterday, Peter King posted the above tweet, likely with a shit-eating grin and Allagash dripping from his chin. As his logic goes, every player who slips in the draft because of character issues and positive marijuana tests inevitably gets charged with murder. OF COURSE THIS HAPPENED!

Of course, here’s what PK said about Hernandez when he was actually drafted:

Love what the Belichicks did at tight end in the last five weeks, signing free-agent filler Alge Crumpler (maybe a one-year bit of glue), then drafting Rob Gronkowski at 42 and Aaron Hernandez at 113. Hernandez was thievery; watching Florida four or five times on TV in the fall and on tape last week, I thought he looked like a bona fide NFL tight end right now.

Yeah, that looks pretty bad, but don’t worry, PK will try to dig himself out of this one, one laughable putdown at a time.

DILLWEED! Peter King loves some Beavis & Butthead, apparently. When is he going to call Gronk a buttmunch?

Haha, nice try, Twitter police, but it looks like Peter King has gotten the best of you once again. After all, Aaron Hernandez was a steal of a pick that produced well but still eventually fell victim to his own quasi-dillweed-ish failings. He’s great and horrible at the same time. Unless he isn’t.

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