Peter King Prefers More Rugged Handsomeness In His Goodell

03.22.11 7 years ago 15 Comments

Usually at this point in the calendar, we’re desperate for any scraps of NFL-relevant news to trade on for warmed-over yuks. But the tedious recriminations and posturing involved in the current lockout make it more difficult than usual. Sure, there are plenty of self-important assholes deserving of mockery in this ongoing drama, but for the most part it’s just too depressing to bother keeping up with. So it’s good someone was able to tease a little humor out of the situation.

Eagle-eyed readers who get as far as the title screen will notice that I had a hand in writing this NFL lockout sketch from comedy duo Facebook Was Taken. It’s true; I can’t sneak any blatant whoring past you guys. A little casting trivia: the guy who plays DeMaurice Smith also played the character who shot Bodie on “The Wire”. You could say YouTube clips are no great shakes for an alum from that show, but at least he’s doing better than Snoop.

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