Petty – “TellYouWhatIDontWannaBe”

08.20.13 4 years ago 11 Comments


I know Petty but I don’t know his exact age. He has to be no more than 25 max and that’s spotting him a few years because he has a full beard and enough tats to give any prisoner a run for their money.

“…Get you do something for me when it ain’t your place,
Let you do something stupid, not tell you play it safe…
Let me tell you what I don’t do,
Watch you get hemmed up and turn my head
Unless it came from you, believe something some other n*gga said”

Yet, when he raps on “TellYouWhatIDontWannaBe,” Petty sounds like an OG who’s lived two lifetimes in the game, sharing the kind of wisdom that can only be learned for experience. And the song’s another favorable notch on his belt as he continues climbing the ranks.

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