Peyton Hillis Is Your New Madden CoverGrinder

04.27.11 6 years ago 55 Comments

The Browns running back won the fan’s choice tournament to determine who would be Top Shill for this year’s lockout edition of the Madden franchise. Grittiness triumphed in the finals over Ookee-kind, thus ensuring sales of the game would be… about the same. Meanwhile, a small measure of semi-quasi-maybe-victory has been granted to a few overzealous Clevelanders.

Many have and will continue to crack wise about such a pointlessly inflated distinction going to a white guy who has had only one productive season in the league. Then again, the only white guys who have been featured on the cover so far have been Madden himself and ol’ Brittfar, so maybe Peyton can finally RESTORE DIGNITY TO A SLOBBERKNOCKED RACE. [Whoops – forgot Breesus was on the cover last year. I BLAME THE VERY REAL CURSE!] Godspeed, you luggish Juggerback.

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