Peyton Manning Arrested On Felony Drug Charges

05.20.14 3 years ago 18 Comments

Well, this was awkward. Remember that ESPN commercial where the guy named Michael Jordan was typecast in every walk of life because of his name. People would be excited as kids on Christmas to meet him, only to find out he was some middle-aged white guy and not the widely-accepted greatest basketball player to ever live.

The same thing happens to 18-year-old Peyton Manning, who really appeared to be trappin’ out the bando. Or at least her car.

Police say the woman was drinking a fountain drink that she’d poured cocaine into while driving.

She allegedly had a backpack full of marijuana, THC wax and a pill crusher in the car.

Police say Manning had been texting other people about cocaine and had been selling drugs.

I guess you could say her texts were…

Putting on shades gif

…intercepted. I’ll be here all week folks.

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