Peyton Manning Is A Game Tape Rolodex

05.02.13 4 years ago 14 Comments

To a certain brand of very, very serious football analyst, there is nothing more respected than watching and absorbing game tape. According to them, if you’re truly committed to football, you should be watching no less tape than, say, Jon Gruden’s average of 20 hours a day. Otherwise, YOU DON’T GET IT and YOU’LL NEVER UNDERSTAND THE GAME.

The above video is game tape evangelist porn. Peyton Manning returned recently to his alma mater of Tennessee to speak at a coaching clinic. The highlight of this was an anecdote about Pey-Pey remembering a play Tennessee ran in 1996. Last year, he got in touch with Tennessee video coordinator Joe Harrington about getting him to pull tape of a particular play the Vols used in the third quarter of a game against Ole Miss in ’96 called “Flip Right Duo, X-Motion, Fake Roll 98 Block Pass Special” and send it to Peyton in Denver.

Granted, that is impressive recall to remember one play from memory 16 years later. But I love how breathlessly excited the video coordinator is about all this, especially because his work was more or less used for nothing.

“I finally got the nerve to ask Peyton if he used the play in a game and he said he didn’t, but then he sent me footage about how they used it in Denver in practice!”


If I were him, I wouldn’t be telling this story at a seminar. I’d be busting Pey-Pey’s chops for wasting my time for practice fodder. But then I’m a spiteful dick.

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