Peyton Manning Wears A Helmet In A Cold Tub For A Reason

12.11.13 4 years ago 36 Comments


A photo of Peyton Manning wearing his helmet while dipping his foot in a cold tub made the rounds online on Tuesday. For a while, the best anyone could make of the photo was assuming Peyton was just being his usual football savant self. After all, he probably sleeps with his helmet on, if his android computer-brain is even capable of rest.

Turns out that’s only slightly off. The explanation:

With his injured ankle in the cold tub, the quarterback kept his helmet on to listen to the play calls from Offensive Coordinator Adam Gase, who was on the practice field. Simultaneously, he watched game tape on his iPad.

Really, the only surprising thing is that current technology can’t get that audio broadcast directly into his mainframe.

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