Peyton Manning’s QB Coach Is Basically His Pupil

06.22.12 5 years ago 28 Comments

Everyone knows Peyton Manning is an android football supercomputer built with alien technology, so the very idea of him having a quarterback coach is laughable to the hahaha degree. Still, the Broncos employ a QB coach anyway, because someone has to coach up Brock Osweiler and pretend like they can make Caleb Hanie game ready in case Manning goes down, because Pey-Pey sure as sh*t doesn’t want to do it.

The man with the job is Adam Gase, who is a little more than two years younger than Ol’ Battleship. In an interview with the Broncos official site, Gase lets the world know how good he has it.

As a coach, are there things you can learn from a veteran like Peyton Manning?

“Absolutely. Any player that’s been in the league multiple years, especially when you get in double digits in years, they’ve seen so much stuff playing the game. It doesn’t matter who you are, they’re going to bring something up that you’ve never even seen that’s happened to them in the past. Anytime you’re around a guy, whether it’s a coach or a player, that’s been in the league 10-plus years, they’re going to have a lot of knowledge about what’s going on.”

Is Manning’s work ethic as advertised?

“He’s hands down the hardest worker I’ve ever been around. As far as the quarterback position or any position I’ve been associated with, I’ve never seen a guy work as hard as he does. Every minute he’s in the building is utilized. There’s no waste of time.”

So that has to be a pretty cushy job. I can already see Gase on the sideline, after Peyton hits a receiver in stride for a 68-yard touchdown, turn to an assistant and say, “That’s right. I told him to do that.” Then return to playing Temple Run on his phone.

Meanwhile, it’s probably a little less fun trying to get Vince Young up to speed with a new playbook. VY is still working to learn the Bills’ system and should be able to pick it up by the time he’s five years into retirement.

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