PFT Slow News Day Headlines Are The Best Of The Worst

06.11.12 5 years ago 24 Comments

Beyond the David Diehl DWI arrest, Ocho getting a workout with the Dolphins and Jerome Simpson’s three-game suspension being handed down, it’s about as dead a Monday as you’re bound to find on the NFL calendar. Nevertheless, the ProFootballTalk content machine must remain forever producing and ideally forever trolling. There being a dearth of actual meaty news nuggets won’t stand in the way of stuff getting churned out.

It is days such as these that you see gloriously obvious headlines like the above “REF SAYS SCAB REFS EQUALS BAD“. Or, my personal favorite from this off-season, “SANCHEZ’S AGENT SAYS SANCHEZ WILL TOP TEBOW”.

It’s the little things that maintain sanity this time of year. At least we haven’t resorted to writing NFL fan fiction like these tormented souls.

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