On Pharrell And The Verse That Will Never Get Old

01.25.13 5 years ago 9 Comments

“This dedicated to my man Lou from Norfolk, locked up…”

A late-night drive through the city always does the trick when the mind needs to be cleared. And the proper song can make aimlessly burning gas well worth the excursion. Pharrell and Twista’s “Lavish” from In My Mind: The Prequel has been a go-to track for that very reason damn near going on seven years now.

As sophisticated as it is edgy, P and Twist’s hip-hop duet of sorts is a gateway to not only musical therapy, but the result of hard work meshing with talent and a fair dosage of luck. Twista’s patented whirlwind flow is the track’s most effortless quality. Yet, it’s P’s verse and its transparency which once forced me to print the lyrics, framing them in my apartment.

“Look at me, big car big house big jewels
All that came out my backpack
You ain’t gon’ do it, it ain’t gon’ work, you ain’t gon’ prove it
Even though that hurt, I just skated past that…”

The words spoke to me then. And they stick to the ribs even more now.

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