Phoenix Ft. R. Kelly – “Trying To Be Cool (Remix)”

08.15.13 4 years ago 3 Comments

What’s the result when mixing a French indie rock ensemble and one of the greatest love-making singers of all-time? A pretty damn groovy remix, that’s what.

After causing a buzz at Coachella in April, Phoenix and R. Kelly released their “Trying To Be Cool (Remix),” which probably could have been a bigger summer song had it been released earlier and gotten some support behind it States-side. It’s a fun listen, if nothing else, and has already earned a spot on the weekend rotation for its carefree vibe.

As status quo as it sounds, roll the windows down and ride out. If it wasn’t for gas being $3.60+, I’d definitely drive around and get lost with this on repeat. But since I’m not, settling for walking around the city with “Trying To Be Cool” circulating through earphones as the soundtrack as I walk to Trillectro will have to suffice.

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