Who’s Gonna Box Bumpy Knuckles?

02.04.10 8 years ago 46 Comments

Mel D Cole’s pics from last night’s Statik Selektah album release party and Freddie Foxxx was in the house.

Do you see the facial expressions of those cats in the background? Do you see the size of Freddie’s hands in the picture below? Is there a reason you try to go one-on-one with this dude?

A week or so ago, there was the release of a diss track where Bumpy went @ Premo Guru and Cormega. Originally, no one could place whether the track was old or new but I still started to say how it was bogus for him to go @ both dudes like that, especially since they all seemed to run in the same circles. Then, I pushed myself back from the keyboard and thought “there’s always a one in one million chance that you could end up in a dark alley with Freddie and you won’t have a weapon. Are you willing to take that chance? Do you really want to pull that thread?” Figuring he wasn’t talking about me, I deemed it none of my blogging business lol. A few days later, I read Cormega essentially saying let’s keep it on wax. Now, I’ve never pictured Mega as a punk. But even he knew that rusty ass .380 he carries was no match. Looking at the picture above, it looks like Premo’s cool with Freddie as well.

But what the fuck is wrong with dude in the purple shirt?

I bet he’s with Dip Set or something. Or is that goddamn Black Rob?

Seen @ Broken Cool

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