Picture Me Rollin: 50 Rap Songs About Cars

07.05.11 6 years ago 51 Comments

Whether you’re living lavish or free-loading on your friend’s futon, more than likely you’ve had an automobile at some point in your life. Delivering us to our destinations on the daily, those keys in your pocket make many of the details in our lives possible. That said, it’s only natural an everyday genre of music like Hip-Hop would embrace the car culture.

Separately, they’re both detailed and delicate executions of human ingenuity, which can be put on display if so chosen by the driver. Put them together and automobiles and MCs formulate into an Opimus-Prime-esque vessel of stunting, solitude and storytelling.

To celebrate the bond between the two, tried and Pepsi blue traditions, here is a collection of 50 rap songs about cars to help ride out the rest of the Summer.

Do not read and drive.

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