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06.06.12 5 years ago 43 Comments

– Yesterday, the indispensable SI Vault Twitter feed linked to this image of Peter King interviewing Paul Tagliabue in 1993. Until further notice, it is our default image for Fun with PK.


– When Terrell Suggs initially injured his Achilles in late April, it was said to have happened playing basketball. Then Suggs claimed it was during team conditioning drills. Now folks are saying it was basketball all along. Tell you what: if he stays out, I’ll buy whatever reasoning you can cook up.

– As previously noted, all song parody videos made over the past couple months have either been riffing on “Call Me Maybe” or “Somebody That I Used To Know”. In that regard, this one is no different, but there is one significant distinction: this one includes Dolphins cheerleaders and is therefore glorious.

– Aaron Rodgers has another commercial out for the Brewers. Rick Chandler asks why a NorCal boy like Rodgers isn’t actually promoting the Giants. Totally wheelhoused, bro.

– Lovers of benevolent empty gestures can now show their pride by buying this Bucs Eric LeGrand jersey. The proceeds go to his foundation, dedicating to supporting research for spinal cord injuries.

– Wade Davis is now the NFL’s John Amaechi.

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