Ready To Spend? Sony To Announce PlayStation 4 In February

02.01.13 5 years ago 55 Comments

With the Wii U dropping late last year, common knowledge dictates that Sony and Microsoft are prepping their artillery for the next-gen console war. If you find yourself in the Sony camp, circle February 20th on your calendar – according to Gizmodo, Sony will be officially announcing the PS4 on that date. The news follows a cool (but ambiguous) YouTube video from Sony, teasing the February event.

Let this serve as your daily reminder that there will ALWAYS be awesome new sh*t to blow money on. How revolutionary can a new Playstation really be? Look at any PS3 game to drop within the past two years and it’s hard to imagine graphics or gameplay getting much better, but I know damn well that I’ll be singing an entirely different tune come the 21st. My wallet is trembling as I type this.

What say you? Will you try to find a way to buy the new PS4? Or will you wait until prices drop a bit?

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