Pop Culture Currency: Abraham Lincoln, Shapeshifter

Editorial Director

San Francisco’s Shooting Gallery recently completed an “American Iconics” show which featured the pop culture currency work of James Charles. Borrowing from the popular web trend, Charles used actual currency as his canvas for creating a multitude of pop culture bills, transforming ex-presidents into modern day icons. Due to Lincoln’s pronounced features I personally wouldn’t have pegged Honest Abe for much of a canvas, but turns out he’s a bit of a chameleon, lending his likeness to my favorites from the collection, including Jules Winnfield, Walter Sobchak, Eastwood, Colonel Sanders, and Kip from Napoleon Dynamite.
The collection is pretty massive but I encourage you to check them all out. If you can’t match the dollar amount with the historical figure whose likeness was used as the canvas we can’t be friends. Ever. Not even if you show up with punch and pie.
I’ve included my Lincoln favorites here. I’m thinking about starting a Kickstarter to help me buy “Cage Fighter.”
Shooting Gallery via Laughing Squid

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