Here Is Every Pop Culture Reference From Tarantino Movies In Chronological Order

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01.02.13 2 Comments

I don’t pay attention to College Humor Originals like I used to, but they still hit one out of the park on occasion. And today — capitalizing on Django n-word fever — they’ve released this supercut of every pop culture reference from films Quentin Tarantino has directed, written, or produced (but apparently not starred in as Destiny Turns on the Radio is notably absent). Note: It’s the references themselves that are in chronological order, not the Tarantino movies, in case you’re easily confused by chronological order.

I’m sure there are some misses and griping to be had, and I’d really like an accompanying key or infographic, but the decade-o-meter is a nice touch and it’s not every day an internet video spans from Chaplin to Lohan so let’s all just enjoy the effort.

College Humor
via The High Definite

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