Popa Wu On Wu-Tang Album Delay: Raekwon Only Cares About Money

01.16.14 4 years ago 22 Comments

For all Wu fans sad while watching Outkast fans celebrating, Popa Wu pretty much points the finger at one person to blame: Shallah Raekwon The Chef.

In an interview with ForbezDVD, the elder Clansman speaks candidly about the other rapping members initially feeling slighted by RZA’s financial status. Wu reminds the group that RZA “took y’all n****s from nothing and made y’all something…He was just smarter…he took care of his business.”

Those bygones be gone, it seems that “Rae’s the only one gotta close up” in reference to the project being complete. His statements fall in line with previous reports of Rae as the last loose strand. Wu asserts that everything’s changed from where love was the original motivation. “I don’t know how they just let this go where they just took this music so serious to where it’s about a dollar now,” he explains. “It’s about a dollar now…but what about us? When you think like that, you forget about us.”

Popa Wu does go on to say the new album “is there already,” all members – minus Rae – have done their parts and video treatments are already in place. Wu confirms, “RZA’s ahead of this game right now.”

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