"Portal 2" Level Creator Gets Hilarious New Trailer

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04.27.12 2 Comments

When “Portal 2” wrapped things up, we were worried, especially with the ending of the second game, that we’d seen the last of Cave Johnson.

We haven’t. In fact, he’s still alive and kicking, and now has a plan in place to rip off infinite Earths, using your innovative level designs and some form of alternate reality jumping technology.

Which to us raises a few questions, the most direct of which is…is this a gag, or is Valve dropping a hint or two about a possible direction they may take “Portal” in? We know “Portal 3” is not necessarily a given: this is Valve. But considering the finale of the last game, it makes you wonder what those cheeky monkeys are up to over there.

The trailer is under the jump: the Portal 2 level editor will be available come May 8th.

image courtesy Valve

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